About Borislav Tsekov

About Borislav Tsekov

Borislav Tsekov is a renowned Bulgarian constitutional lawyer, scholar and practitioner with over 17 years of professional experience as a legal expert.
In October 2023 he was elected Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at one of the largest public universities in Bulgaria – South-West University „Neofit Rilski“, Faculty of Law and History.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“ in 1995 and subsequently completed numerous post-graduate studies in law and political science in the United States, Belgium, Portugal, Japan and South Africa.

In 2016 he received his PhD in Constitutional Law from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Institute of State and Law.

He has a wide experience, which includes not only work in the private sector, but also in the high-level government administration – a Legal Advisor at the Legal Directorate of the Bulgarian Parliament (1996-2001) and Secretary General of the National Ombudsman (2005-2010). He has served as a member of the Ombudsman’s Advisory Council on Constitutional Issues (2016-2019) and a member of the Legal Council of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Constitutional Court often requests his legal opinions on constitutional cases.
From 2001 to 2005, he was a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, where he held several senior positions, including Vice-Chairman and Chairman of a parliamentary group, Vice-Chairman of a parliamentary committee, member of the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on European Integration. He was also elected to the Parliamentary Committee preparing amendments to the Constitution in connection with Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union.
He is the author and sponsor of a number of landmark laws adopted by the XXXIX National Assembly and still in force.
National Assembly and still in force today – the 2002 Law on Religious Denominations, the Law on Political Parties, the Law on State Orders and Medals.
From 1997 to 2010, he was the leader and key expert in democracy and anti-corruption initiatives under EU and US funding programmed. In 2009 he founded and headed the Institute for Modern Politics, which monitors the activities of the National Assembly and is involved in cases before the Constitutional Court.
and is involved in cases before the Constitutional Court, for which he was honored by Think-Tank Europe 2012 as runner-up to Bruegel.

After 2015 he started to develop private entrepreneurial business in the industrial sphere in Bulgaria and in the Balkan countries.

He has taught constitutional and comparative constitutional law at UNWE, Plovdiv University „Paisii Hilendarski“ and South-West University „Neofit Rilski“.
He is the author of several books:

– the constitutional monograph „State and Religion“: Constitutional Models“ (2023);

– the constitutional law study „The Constitutional Institute of the Emergency“ (2022);

– the historical and urban study „New York – the Altar of the Modern World“ (2011);

– the legal study „Anti-Jewish Legislation in Europe“ (2016), the study „The Trump Doctrine“ (2016);

– the political science monograph „The Trump Doctrine Against Neo-liberal Globalism“ (2019).

He has also published a number of scholarly articles on constitutional law in law journals.
He is also the author of more than 500 analytical publications on current constitutional, legislative and political issues and developments.

Since 2017, he has been a regular columnist in one of the most influential Bulgarian newspapers – Trud News.

From 1999 to 2017 he was National President of the World Jurist Association, based in Washington DC, USA.

From 1994 to 2005, he was the organizational secretary of the Association for Constitutionalism and Democracy, which brought together the members of the Seventh Great National Assembly, which adopted the present Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was also President of the Association of Young Lawyers (1997-2007). Member of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL).